Your Wedding Day!

I had the unlucky experience of working in a hotel for couple of years during college. In that time I worked at many weddings and became aware of the immense amount of planning that goes into that one special day.

Not only from the bar where I worked, but all the food has to be decided months before hand. The room has to be set up with the furniture and the table dressings all decided on. The music has to be sorted, the location, the church, the amount of guest and who you are going to bring and not bring, the dress, the tuxes, the photos, the invitations, the afters, the bar tab, the chocolate fountain, the hair, the make up, the transport....

The list just continues. It is a huge undertaking planning a wedding and I can't imagine the stress that goes into it!

Now, I'm in no way a relationship expert, but something struck me while I was working there. So many relationships turn out bad and break up. Divorces all over the country are up, probably the world. People talk about the honeymoon period being the best time in a couple's life and then after that, it just gets boring, repetitive and dull.

How inspiring...

The reason the honeymoon phase is so exciting, is because it has been planned to be exciting.

I often wonder why people put so much time, energy, money and effort into only 1 day of their loves and then get shocked that the marriage doesn't work out. To me it's simple, the lack of planning, time and energy put into making sure the relationship gets better each day is the reason behind a lot of failed relationships.

How many couples do you know that sit down and plan out how amazing they want their next year together to be and how they can actually go about doing that? How many plan out what they want to do the next month, week or even day?!

When you have no idea what kind of days you want, you'll never know when you have them. You also never have a clear idea of where you'd like to go. Having plans doesn't mean you are going to get their, but it means your life will be directed towards something better!

So here's something to think about;

What are you doing today to get the tomorrow you want? What could you do and is it important enough to make time for it?!?

Keep it Interesting - Keep it Fun