These Are No Simple Kids' Toys

Your dad always had the best outdoor toys and gadgets, didn?t he? From a pocket fisherman to an all purpose pocket knife, your dad was always the king of ?obscure? gadgetry. These mini-marvels that kept your mum and dad smiling [mostly likely mainly your dad] have grown up and matured into devices of unparalleled sophistication, combined with the latest in technology to produce tiny wonder-machines. We highlight a few of the best gadgets that are currently doing the rounds and ones that will make your fingers dance with delight every time you slide or fold it open. Remember, these gadgets will make the ideal gift for any grandfather looking to relive a little bit of their childhood.

For the dad or mom who is always knocking their front or rear bumper into the garage wall, the Park-Zone is here to save them [or you] from a trip to the dent store every month or so. This innovative piece of sensor technology uses advanced gadgetry to determine how far away your car is from the back of your parking spot or garage. Just mount the tiny device on the wall and when you approach said wall, a stop-light like system will indicate how close you are until the inevitable wall-smashing. This life- and money saving device will fit any model of automobile.

Every little child has had dreams of flying and with the Walkera 4G1, you too can now be one with the sky and operate your very own micro-helicopter. The Walkera is an amazing helicopter for both beginners and seasoned model aircraft enthusiasts alike. No assembly is required, so young or old, your dreams of flying can finally come true! Everything you need is included in the box set, such as the servo [feedback control], receiver and transmitter.

Who of us have not wanted to have their very own laser gun, after drooling for one in Star Wars or Star Trek? The time has come and with a powerful laser device from online stores such as Wicked Lasers, you can at least imagine that you are a Jedi Knight or a member of the Starship Enterprise. These are the closest one can get to a real-life; handheld laser gun and aiming these pointers at paper or wood can actually cause them burn! All this power comes at a price though and expect to pay upwards from $2000 for the best of the best.

If you are anything like me, then you delight in keeping a careful eye on your employees or for that matter, anyone who you suspect is misbehaving. With a micro-camera such as the CamBall, you now have the power of a full-sized digital camera in the palm of your hand. Tiny cameras such as these are crammed with all the features of a regular DVR camera, except for the fact that it is no smaller then a ping-pong ball. This inconspicuous device will turn any household plant or Coke can into a super spy device! With a built-in motion-sensor and SD card for longer recordings, the CamBall should be at the top of the list of any would-be spy looking to keep their affairs in order.

Gadgets such as these can bought with great ease thanks to the popularity of the internet and online shopping. So hop online, and browse before you buy. Such is the power of online shopping, the true definition of convenience. It is amazing what bargains await the cautious and careful buyer. The best toy shops will usually stock these handy devices as well.