The Gucci Jockey Large Hobo Shoulder Bag

At about 17 inches in length, 11 inches in Height and about 5 inches width, one has to admit that the Gucci Jockey Large Hobo shoulder bag is type of accessory that is just perfect for tooling, when moving around the town. The bag, as Gucci rightfully describes it, is quite large (as handbags go); measuring about 17 inches in length by 11 inches in height by 5 inches in width at its widest. At those dimensions (17 inches by 11 inches by 5 inches), to be sure, the Gucci Jockey Large Hobo shoulder bag is one that you will find comfortable to fit all the usual elements of a lady's toolkit (and more) without the bag appearing too bulging, as a bulging handbag can be quite a turn-off. And with what seems to be about a 9 inch clearance between the 'handle' and the body of the bag, this is clearly a bag made to elegantly hang from your shoulder.

A remarkable feature about the Gucci Jockey Large Hobo shoulder bag is the braided double straps it comes with - which go beyond the handles and cover up to the base of the bag all the way to the top of the bag again (in both sides); adding to that stylish feel that is to be expected of 'anything Gucci.' As far as button-work and other 'hardware' goes, the Gucci Jockey Large Hobo shoulder bag is actually made from gold tone pieces, whose sheen is natural - so that it doesn't start losing its luster the moment it leaves the store where it is bought from, a frustrating feature of some handbag hardware pieces you surely must have come across at some point.

For the purpose of maintaining what we may call structural integrity of the bag, Gucci Jockey Large Hobo shoulder bag does come with the bottom studs to protect the lower-most part of the handbag's structure, which tends to bear all the pressure from the contents of the handbag. Apparently to ensure the stability of the bag (when left standing on its own), the Gucci Jockey Large Hobo Should Bag also comes with a set of bottom feet. For a closure mechanism, Gucci chose to go with the tab snap option, which admittedly makes for much more convenient closing than ordinary button-work hardware.

Material-wise, the Gucci Jockey large Hobo shoulder bag seems to be made from jacquard denim fabric, of beige color - which adds to the bags informal and unassuming elegance. Inside the bag, there is full lining which incorporates a zipping mechanism, effectively making it (the lining) part of the handbag's core storage/carrying space. Default content you are sure to find you in your Gucci Jockey Hobo shoulder bag include a controllato card, a care card, as well as a Gucci dustbag.