Parent Coaching - A Creative Re-Discovery Process For Stressed O

Our society is at a critical crossroads--so many children struggling; so many parents pulling their hair out not knowing where to turn. A child born today has a 30% chance of having a learning difficulty. Research is showing that most moms and dads of elementary school age kids are spending less than 10 minutes a week in actual conversation with their children--yes, that's not a typo--ten minutes a week! Parents are stressed and overwhelmed, yet well-intentioned and wanting to do their best. It's not their fault that our fast-paced culture makes parenting the hardest job they'll ever do.

In the mist of this exhaustion, what if parents could work with a parent coach, a well-trained compassionate professional whose credentials are impeccable? Wouldn't stressed parents begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel working with such wonderful professionals? Absolutely. Research over the past six years on the Parent Coaching Institute's coaching model demonstrates that it reduces parental stress, gives important resources, and most important helps parents see and use theirs strengths, their inner wisdom, and come to appreciate themselves and their children in profound ways. The parent coaching process is energizing and draws forth the highest, creative expression of the entire family.

There will always be challenges in life. How we address those challenges is what is most significant. Can parents keep our center, our self-identity, and and our integrity while rearing our children to a self-actualized adulthood? They can more easily with the help of a parent coach--one of the fastest growing professions because there is such a huge need for these services.

Family support professionals can begin their parent coaching journey by researching the training programs available. Working from home while developing the business is an ideal way to get started in this rewarding career. In fact, training for Parent Coach Certification can take place through distance-learning programs. There are several alternatives for the serious-minded parent coach who recognizes that parents will spend their dollars more easily and readily on parent coaches with success track records.

Look for parent coach training that allows you the most credentials while also allowing flexible studying hours from home. You will then be getting in the groove of home-based work and your transition from student to successful parent coach will be a creative process that you truly enjoy. Besides, the focus on your own creativity during this studying and practicing time will then be a natural part of the creativity that will serve you well when begin coaching moms and dads in your parent coaching business.

All positive, long-lasting change starts from the bottom up. Being a parent coach and working with parents to help them make wise daily decisions is truly where the "rubber hits the road," transforming society, form the bottom up.