Louis Vuitton Traveler Purse From 2009 Cruise Collection

The trademark existence on services and products is essential. Round tags constructed from low-cost wanting plastic attached to the bag were by no means made by Louis Vuitton, LV do not attach their tags. When you buy a bag from LV you get two tags and probably a care booklet. One tag says "Louis Vuitton" and will state the material of the bag - monogram canvas, epi and so on. The opposite tag exhibits the model number, the French name of the bag and the barcode.

What are the hottest designer purses of the second? Fashion modifications from season to season. A purse is among the most important elements of vogue. It might actually make or break your outfit. This hub talks about among the hottest designer handbags.

We start by purchasing actual genuine LV handbags on the retail stage, as a way to deconstruct them. We examine the supplies, the stitching, and even the precise placement of each brand and hidden pocket in order that we will create a 1:1 copy of the purse we promote in our shop - in different words, the duplicate appears, feels and wears exactly like the original.