Limited Edition Shoes

There has been a growing trend recently in limited edition shoes. This has been both for sneakers and women's shoes such as high heels. More and more people are buying them these days and I want to look at why.

So why have limited edition shoes become more popular? I think there are a number of reasons for it. It seems that people have an interest in anything 'limited edition'. Something that is perceived as scarce has an increased value. That thought is ingrained in us so we want it.

As well as the value, humans have to conflicting emotions that they want to satisfy. They want to feel special and they want to belong. This is what limited edition shoes offer them. They know that they are one of the special few but they aren't out there on their own, there are also a restricted number of other people too.

So who buys these types of shoes or sneakers? I bet you already have a picture in your head and you a probably thinking about somebody that you know. Well the answer is it depends. The consumer is actually quite diverse.

Firstly you have the person that wants to be at the forefront of fashion. These people tend to want to do that for two reasons. They either want to do it just for themselves or they want to do it to impress others.

Then you have the savvier customer. They don't treat themselves very often but when they do they like to buy quality. They want to buy something that will last and maintain its value. When you think about it isn't a bad way of doing it.

Whatever type of purchaser you are and your reasons for buying limited edition shoes make sure that you enjoy them. They may even turn out to be a great investment.