Entry Level Boating For Four - Under $200

The days have been hot and long. Summer has come and the sunshine calls you outside. But then it's not too long before you are feeling drained of energy. So how can you get the best out of being outdoors during summer? One way is to go boating.

There is something about the water that cools you down, even on the hottest day. It's effect is both soothing and invigorating. If you've never gone boating before, it might be a case of trying out something new. However, it may also be a financial consideration.

So, here are a few ideas to get 4 people on the water for less than $200. That this can be done is largely due to the growth of the inflatable boating industry. And this industry has made great strides in that it produces products which are safe to use, give great value for money, and which last. The material from which the boat will be made will be a specially treated vinyl or PVC material which has been strengthened. Whatever you choose, it is essential to choose one with a Boston valve as minimum because these valves are built to hold the air in. The pinch valves don't allow the boat to inflate to its best capacity.

Reading reviews from people who have used the boats is another great way to assess their value to yourself. But don't be misled by complaints about aluminum oars being too light. Aluminum oars are strong and on a long paddle, a light oar is beneficial.

What are the essentials to get you on the water. They are: a boat, a pump, oars and life jackets. There are combinations which can be taken into account but whatever these are, they will always include 4 life jackets. Keep an eye on the maximum weight the boat can hold so that you get one suitable for the weight of 4 people.

The Intex excursion 4 boat set comes with free shipping to a US address. It can hold a maximum weight of 800 lbs. With it comes an inflatable pump and 2 oars. So what you have to add to that is 4 life jackets. Four Stearns Type II Adult Boating Vests which are USCG approved currently will be suitable. Add two extra oars made by Coleman for inflatable boats. All these leave you change of just under $25 from $200 if you order them all at one time, as each of them has a free shipping tag.

Currently you can set up the same kind of deal with two Intex Seahawk Boat 2 sets with free shipping. Each of these comes with an inflatable pump and 2 oars. This set up gives 4 oars so no further purchase of oars is necessary. You will have $50 spare from $200.

Other similar offer are the Intex Challenger 2, the Sevylor Collusus 2 and the Sevylor Caravel 5 person.

Who is this offer best suited for? How about students who want a break from their studies. Or how about a boating day with a picnic for children and parents. It makes a great change from the TV.

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