A Cosmetic Dentist Can Explain Dental Crowns and Dental Caps In

Hearing that a dental crown or cap is needed can create a feeling of fear in a patient. Neither of these sounds very positive and pain is usually the first thought that comes to mind. A good cosmetic dentist puts the mind of the patient at ease by explaining the relevant treatment and its benefits. Dental caps and crowns are quite common, allowing millions of patients to attain healthy, beautiful smiles through a risk-free process.

Though teeth are designed to last for a lifetime, many natural and man-made forces work against them, causing damage that requires professional treatment. The terms cap and crown are used interchangeably, but crown is the proper term. It involves fitting a customized covering over a broken or damaged tooth, repairing the original tooth instead of replacing it with an implant. The repaired tooth is ground down to a smaller size and the crown is fitted over it, contouring to surrounding teeth. While the typical crown is made of porcelain, gold and even decorative crowns may be available.

Two dental appointments are typically required for the process. The tooth is filed and prepared for the crown and an impression is taken of this resurfaced tooth so the crown can be customized to create an ideal fit. A temporary crown is put in place until the next appointment, when it is removed and the permanent crown is put into place. When porcelain is used to make the crown, the result is a durable covering that is safe and inconspicuous.

There are many benefits to using a porcelain crown, the first of which is the ability to cover a damaged tooth in a strong and resilient way. The repair is designed to last for years and is easy to clean and care for in a manner similar to taking care of natural teeth. A white or tooth-colored crown made from porcelain matches the color of natural tooth enamel, making the tooth nearly invisible. Porcelain crowns are much more attractive than traditional metal versions.

A cosmetic dentist will customize the dental crown for the tooth requiring repair. Whether used in conjunction with a root canal or implant or due to tooth chipping, cracking, or decay, the crown will make teeth more durable. Within just two visits, the crown will be put into place and should last for many years, a simple and effective repair that improves both the appearance and health of teeth.